Gods Hand Upcoming Events for August, September & October.

Please add to your calendars and let us know if you would like to volunteer and or donate in any way to help support/host any of these events. Thank you for your continued support 🙏 Godshand.org 

8-26 (Saturday) at 7 pm Downtown 

â—ŹMeals for the Homeless  

We are in need of volunteers to cook sides, please text me If you can cook any sides Mac & Cheese, Beans, desserts, etc, and or water.

Address: 500 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

(On the Corner of Bagby and Memorial, which is like 20 yards from the address, across from the Aquarium, look for cars with flashers on)

9-30 (Saturday) at 8 am 

â—ŹCarePackages for the Homeless 

Gods Hand will be Downtown, Houston providing 50 CarePackages (Backpacks) for the Homeless at 7 am.

Address: 901 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002

Additional items in need of:

♡Men’s Tennis Shoes: Size, 10, 11 & 12 (any size as shoes are in high need).

♡Deodorant = Travel Size 25 to 50

♡ Healthy Snacks

♡ Lotion = Travel Size 25 to 50

10-21 (Saturday) at 8 am

â—Ź Bible Study (in the Homeless tent community).

Address: Downtown Tent Community, the address will be shared the week before)

If you would like to Donate towards any event, Please go to Godshand.org and click Donate, and if you are able to help with any items still in need of, please let us know. We have the majority of items but are still in need of a few items for this event. Thank you 🙏