Summer BBQ For the Houston Homeless

houston summer bbq

Today June 18th, Gods Hand was in Downtown Houston providing 106 BBQ plates with chicken, sausage, mac and cheese, green beans, bread, water, and dessert for the Homeless in need and also the word of God 🙏 📖 

Thank you to Pastor Aaron Thomas with and for bringing the word of God and Prayers 🙏 

Thank you to all of the Amazing Volunteers that came out today to give back to those in need (Joe Lopez and Family, Naz and Dori, Pastor and Family, and Dean), and a big Thank you to everyone that donated today (Freddie and Angeline) to help Bless those in need today with a Home Cooked Meal 🙏 

Get out and Bless Someone today or support those that will get out and Bless others due to you Blessing them 🙏 

All Glory to God 🙏

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houston summer bbq

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